Helpers + Interns needed for 2017 Spring LeLc work. We are now taking applications for  the 2017 season.

March 23-24, 2017  CSUC Chico State TWTS  ‘ Energy Permaculture’   conference presentation

June 2017 first pilot weekend workshop

If you’d like to visit WinSol’s Learning Center, please contact us.

Please contact   fred  @

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‘Real Sustainability’  DropBox prezi pdf link:


RESOURCES:  Like-minded people + organizations  

Living Energy Farms (LeF)

LeF is a similar Living Energy learning center in Virginia,  focusing on homesteading and farming without fossil fuel.  Alexis and company ROCK!  Check out their links and sign up for their newsletters – better yet:   go help them out and learn:

Links for Media Articles About LEF .     CNN:
weekly in Charlottesville VA
First video on youtube
Living Energy Farm is a project to build a demonstration farm, community, and education center in Louisa County that uses no fossil fuels. For more information see our website, or contact us at Donations to the Living Energy Farm Education Fund are tax deductible.


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