Here are overviews of  experiental lessons currently at WinSol.   More details are found in our lessons booklet and in on-site experiential stations during workshops. 

  1. Energy, cooling, food storage.


Zeer Pots : a pot-in-pot refrigerator, clay pot cooler is an evaporative cooling refrigeration device that does not use electricity. The evaporation of the outer liquid draws heat from the inner pot.This simple technology requires only a flow of relatively dry air and a source of water.

Thermal Chimney (under development):  Dome cupola

Earth Tubes (under development): add-on to root cellar.


2. Water, irrigation.

Olla system



Olla pots:  Two clay pots are used (instead of drip irrigation) to let plants quench their own thirst. These pots are glued together and filled with water. Plants’ roots find the water inside the pots, and wick the water as needed.

3. Lo-cost Solar water Heating

SHW systems range from closed-loop indirect glycol to draindown to ICS or batch (shown) systems.  All of them can produce hot water even on a cloudy day (infrared).

A simple (<$10) ABS pipe SHW system is demonstrated at WinSol learning center.



These exist at WinSol (‘hardware’),  the ‘software’ and lessons are being developed here… (please stay tuned) 

4. Gasifiers & RMH (rocket mass heaters)

5. Lo-cost Solar PV (Photovoltaics under $200.)

6.   Solar Food Dehydrator