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Welcome to  WinSol’s  Learning Center.

WinSol brings to life an alternative infrastructure for home energy and water services with comfortable living. WinSol combines proven ancient practices and appropriate modern technology in experiental learning center

WinSol is inspired by Victor Schauberger, Walter Russell, Nikola Tesla and others’ insights + genius to everyday living.

WinSol’s  mission  is to help unleash the hidden potential of dynamic, living energies. Starting in the Summer of 2017  we will be offering our first workshops… stay tuned.


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Included in this web site is a blog by our Operations Director (Fred Klammt).    Posts focus on current issues  beyond the standard ‘eco-blog’ (his previous blog can be found at:    http://fredecoblog.blogspot.com/  ).


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Living Energy Learning Center by Fred Klammt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at www.winsol.org.

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