EXPERIENTIAL Lessons in  Living Energies.

Tibetan Mandala

WinSol’s Learning Center consists of a 1,200sq.ft. geodesic dome with an cob floor Tibetan Mandala.

Tibetan Mandala layout on earthen floor.

The Center also had a living area with two private rooms and a large common and kitchen area.   We regularly host helpers and Woofers at WinSol.  (please note:  we are open from April to October only.  We are currently closed: please contact us in early 2018.) 

Our teaching style is different than most.  It is experiential.  Some people may think it to be unorganized and chaotic:  it is.  We focus our lessons on fun exploration and observations.  There are no lectures, no tests, no lab experiments.  A child doesn’t need instructions on how to play in the sand.  As adults we seem to have lost the beauty of pure exploration and observation without mechanistic views.

We are inspired by  Jean Piaget:  ‘when you teach someone something, you prevent them from learning it themselves’ .   We are developing experiential  learning modules that are:

  1. Simple, natural living in comfort
  2. Elegant, lo-footprint, lo-cost design strategies
  3. Basic  + Advanced Living Energy
  4. Free Energy = the hype and the reality
  5. Low cost Appropriate + Renewable Technologies
  6. Practical Doings

one example:  Living  Water

WinSol’s Learning Center provides experiential learnings on good water.  What it is, how to recognize it, where to find it, how to create it, etc.


Water in its healthy and natural state, has self-cleaning and antibacterial properties, but only to a point. With too much abuse and exposure to unnatural conditions, the water will loose its natural properties. (link here).  


Here are some excerpts from this web site:

Municipal water treatment and distribution systems put water through many unnatural processes, causing it to become de-structured and lose its natural health and vitality. The same goes for conventional water filters….

The Vortex Water Revitalizer is based upon an evolutionary concept in Water Treatment. It performs far beyond what any filtration system, distiller or reverse osmosis system will ever do for you. It processes all your water in a direct way, leading it into a double helix DNA type cycloid, curved spiral flow-form, which creates a powerful vortex induced implosion in the water. The Vortex Water Revitalizer uses Mother Nature’s proven methods of generating energy within the water via the process of vortex induced implosion. Implosion is part of Mother Nature’s unique life forming energetic process. It is the opposite of the explosive principle, which we all know to cause heat, destruction, death and disease.