WinSol3 is a fully operational example of not only free (no-cost) living, but also with comfort and snowRoof from eastappropriate hi-technology toys incorporating several simple and ancient concepts of infrastructure design and operation.



WinSol3 Deck 1aIt is not obvious to short-term visitors, but WinSol embodies a much needed diversion from common mainstream human behaviour. Energy & water conservation, renewable energies, zero waste, etc. are not some cool thing to do or incentivized by government funds and tax credits – they are seamlessly integrated into everyday life without sacrifice – it’s just a good way to live within one earth.


WinSol is 100% off-grid, 100% rainwater, built from 80% local and re-used materials. We are working on our own year-round food production, currently at about 20%.

WinSol3 is comfortable year round based on its computer-aided envelope design with multi-story, wrap-around windows and >14tons of thermal mass.


WinSol3 is a stand-alone home located in the Sierra mountains at about 4,300ft. elevation.

It is the 3rd generation of a personal endeavor building a Bucky Fuller’s Dyaxiom Home, incorporating principles of Cradle-to-Cradle® and permaculture.

WinSol3 costs about $20/year to operate (plus property taxes).  It is designed to heat + cool itself passively.   It incorporates appropriate hi-tech and proven ancient wisdom.  WinSol3 uses less than one earth* (<1400 w/p/d). It gives back more than it takes from nature.  All its systems are multi-functional and interconnected.

*when we use more than one earth we are living on the backs of other people and borrowing from future generations.

Main Features of WinSol3:

1. Close-the-loop (Cradle to Cradle®)

2. Built w.80%+ Salvaged Materials

3. 100% Rainwater Harvesting

4. Biodynamic gardens

5. Beyond net-zero Energy

6. Learning center (in progress)

Energy System Specs:

* PV system: 6-30W, 3-100W PV panels to 35a controller to 3KW inverter, * 400W wind generator

* 4-L16 6V Trojan batteries,*SHW drainback: 2,3×6’ Brazed copper absorber plates, 66 g storage tank

* Dual lighting wiring 12VDC LEDS and 120VAC bulbs.




Live in your Nature