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Living Energy is the energy all around you – right now, at this present moment.  Some of it is obvious (solar, air/wind), most of it is not (gravity, subtle temp +humidity changes ++).  All of it is dynamic, although it appears static (passive).  Most living things tap into this dynamic, invisible energy daily – except humans.   

WinSol’s learning center,  located in the California Sierra mountains provides experiental lessons in simple, natural living with comfort.

Status: As of January 2017 we are digging out of record snowfalls, finishing up the geoDome Mandala and designing the ‘software’ for the inaugural learning lessons starting this summer.


world in hand

WinSol’s Learning Center focuses on dynamic Living Energy, or  Bio – Dynamic, Bio-Energetics, energy permaculture which is the energy that  flows through all living entities. From tiny bacteria to tall trees, living energy is everywhere: it’s most obvious when you observe flowing water.

Victor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla,  Walter Russell, Wilhelm Reich, Rudolph Steiner, Masaru Emoto are all pioneers in living energy.  It is not mainstream, yet it keeps the mainstream flowing + alive.

Living energy is the energy that keeps us living.  It is the antithesis to our modern industrial world and its use of dead energy, aka fossil fuels. Some say our fossil fuel uses and its explosive technologies are one of the root causes of our violent, war/fear driven world.

Rather than using energy arrived from dead organic matter and ancient animals, perhaps we can switch to living energy and create a more peaceful, loving +  compassionate world.

This website and the learning center focuses on simple, natural living using Living Energy for practical, everyday applications.  There are living energies all around you right now as you are reading this.  They are mostly not obvious.

Living energy is not just a concept – it is a life style. It’s about using only the energy currently available to us and not borrowing from future generations’ wellbeing. Using today’s current (present moment) available energy is the most sustainable.  Storing it for tomorrow’s use, gets less sustainable.

Living energy is closely related to energy permaculture and to low-cost passive energy systems that emulate nature’s patterns (biomimetic). It is also a subset of community microgrids (see above tab) that power up using local, sustainable, and decentralized (distributed) energy systems.

Here are five criteria for Living Energies:

1. Uses current solar income.
2. Effective (lowest)  embodied energy
3. Diverse + Resilient (self-healing)
4. Up-cycling + regenerative
5. Celebrates abundance & diversity

WinSol’s Learning Center provides experiential lesson plans for dozens of everyday applications to reduce your energy costs while maintaining your comfort. Each lesson plan has a Living Energy Index based on the above five criteria.

WinSol’s Learning Center  focuses on in-depth, experiential learning (by doing) about  natural living energies that are available around us from sustainable, natural resources.

dome main1

Here is a picture of the on-going construction of the main learning center Dome1geodesic dome.  And then the EPDM outer skin.


inside cupola2                        Inside the Dome and looking up at pentagon cupola.


 History of Living Energies

Pioneers of living energies are Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla, Rudolph Steiner, Walter Russell, and Masaru Emoto.  By far, Viktor Schauberger has contributed more to the insights and some practical applications of living energies in the early mid 20th century.  His inventions of the log flume, repulsin, ++ have been mostly hidden from the mainstream.  Callum Coates has done a wonderful job of bringing some of Viktor Schaubergers concepts and applications into the English language.

The best source for information about Viktor Schauberger’s (and his son Walter Schauberger) work is carried on by his grandson Joerg Schauberger in Bad Ischl, Austria through the PKS learning center. English information on the PKS learning center can be found here.


L.E. = Living Energy (‘bio’ – ‘dynamic’) is the vibrant energy within our natural ecosystem: trees, plants, animals, and even the rocks all around us.  Instead of using ‘dead (fossilized) energy’ to power our society, we need to rediscover the bounties of living energy and how to gently harness it all around us.

Join us at  in our forest sanctuary as we practice and teach others about living energies.



————————————————————————————-Living energies are those forces behind the extraordinary creative forces of nature.  Ever wonder why the ‘Golden ratio’ (1.1618…) is the same for the orbits of moons and planets as for a rose petal, a nautilus shell, the pyramids, your hands, etc.?

Ever wonder how some fish swim upstream faster than seems possible?  Want to learn how to cool your perishables to  ~40o F without using refrigeration or ice?  These and many more living energies are demonstrated and explained, along with simple, lo-cost renewable energy technologies at the WinSol Living Energy Learning Center.




[2] FHS 2010 FM Congress paper:  ‘Energy Commons’ or…/Klammt.pdf

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