Experiental Lessons


We are inspired by this quote from Jean Piaget:  ‘when you teach someone something, you prevent them from learning it themselves’

Scroll to the bottom for more info on experiential learning.  Fun and play are SO important in learning.  No more one-way lecturing!!  even group participation (classroom style) are ineffective ways to learn.  It’s much easier to learn when you’re doing hands-on, fun stuff.  That’s what WinSol’s  LeLc will be focusing on.

—————————under construction————————-

We are developing experiental  learning modules.  Some of these modules are:

  1. Basic  + Advanced Living Energy + Viktor Schauberger
  2. Basic + Advanced Nikola Tesla
  3. Free Energy = the hype and the reality
  4. Low cost Appropriate + Renewables Technology
  5. Practical Doings
  6. Natural, Elegant Design + Building

Experiencing  ‘ Schauberger style’  Water + Air

Water in its healthy and natural state, has self-cleaning and antibacterial properties, but only to a point of course. With too much abuse and exposure to unnatural conditions, the water will loose its natural properties. (link here)

Municipal water treatment and distribution systems put water through many unnatural processes, causing it to become de-structured and lose its natural health and vitality. The same goes for conventional water filters,  which is why I designed models to be installed after filters. To learn more about these models for filters and watch a youtube video  here: Models for Filters

Each module will contain practical + experiental lessons.  Here’s an example of lessons within Practical Doings:

 DOINGS   (5)
10 SHW drainback  
11 Rainwater harvesting  
12 Greywater system  
13 BioSand slow Filter  
14 Ram Pump  
15 ABS solar preheater  
16 Solar Dehydrator  
17 Solar Air Heaters  
18 Solar Cookers  
19 Rocket Mass Heaters  
20 Troop Pots  
21 Root Cellar  
22 Earth Tubes  
23 Lighting LED+  
24 Heat + Cool Recovery  
25 Ice ponds @ 42F  
26 Natural Ventilation  
27 Weatherization  
28 Thermal Mass  
29 Earthen Plaster  
30 Thermal Curtains  
31 Thermal Chimney  
32 DeConstruction  
33 Salvage Materials  



Bio-Lite Stoves

 By providing opportunity for students to engage in complex problem based learning the students can start to take previous knowledge, connect it to new knowledge and form connections to the experience they are engaging in. They have opportunity to form outcomes that may not necessarily result in a final product or solution, but give them an opportunity to form and come up with new concepts and understandings