Ecovillage + Sieben linden

On my 4th visit to Sieben Linden in Germany, I noticed some changes in the air.  There were the same (or a bit less) people there, and several of the ‘veterans’ seemed to be fading into the background or moving on.  But overall there was still the peacefulness, compassion, love + kindness and JOY pervading all over.

imageThis is the new addition to the main hall/lodge.  It has a small retail store downstairs and a beautiful new dining room that seats over 100 on the second floor with an outdoor heating area.

This fourth visit was very different from my previous ones, since I was now actively involved in Lost Valley on the West Coast of the USA.  I am also more familiar with the inside details of legal + finance issues of communities.  And most importantly, I was founding a new company focusing on community development (RCD).

On this visit, I had some personal instruction on sociocracy and how its governance is different from consensus and other processes.   The double linked communication links present a new alternative to one-way communication and connections between people all trying to reach a common consensus.  Time will tell.

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