Welcome to my blog

Welcome to the launching of my new blog on REGENERATION

This blog + subject matter is a natural evolution of my previous blogs and my life’s path. It is based on two personal beliefs:

(1) I believe that sustainability has become just another marketing campaign to sell us more (albeit ‘green’) stuff.  We can do better – hence ‘regeneration’.

(2) I also believe that community is what we need – all of us.  We need to connect with our fellow travelers (we are all from the same stardust) within a new form of community.


On this blog I will post current issues that are beyond the standard ‘eco-blog’ (my previous blog google link:  http://fredecoblog.blogspot.com/  ) that filled my life for the past 10+ years. You may have noticed there was no posting in the last few months.

This blog will be based on critical thinking + include:

– updates on WinSol and its Living Energy Learning Center

– Practical, everyday regenerative + lo-cost projects + demos

– Community microgrids,   local + global progress,  utilities’ death spiral

– Community development + leading issues in living together

–  Energy  permaculture,  green chemistry issues




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LeLc: Living Energy Learning Center + RCD: Regenerative Community Development by Fred Klammt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at www.rcd33.wordpress.com.

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