happy Solstice

I hung around WinSol purposely this morning to witness the first sun at 7:43am.  It’s an amazing connection to our universe and collectiveness.  I always get some amazing energy flowing through me at this time.  The actual Solstice (change of earth tilt) occurs around 8:28am today…

The ancients worshiped the Winter Solstice each Dec 21st.  two thousand years ago someone decided it was a good idea to make it the birthday of a guy named Jesus… and so here we are… for those still resonating with the wisdom of the ages…

A great spin (ha!) on this is this article in the NYTimes today…. here’s an excerpt: 

“So, as the sun reaches its farthest point in the sky on Dec. 21, be grateful. Never will the sun dip so far below the horizon that it plunges half of the globe into a monthslong night and the other half into an equally long summer. Nor does Earth’s tilt change drastically over millions of years, thanks to the influence of the moon. Instead, the sun appears to trot back and forth between the extremes, like the pendulum of a great clock, keeping the planet cozy while steadily counting off its years.”

Tomorrow it’ll be ~2 minutes more daylight than today… enjoy!

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