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Welcome to my Blog within the Living Energy Learning Center.   This Blog will focus on cutting edge, critical + original thinking, and most importantly focusing on making GOOD TURNS along the path within WTR:  Work that reconnects.


For those of you who are ‘switching’ to this blog, a note from our Operations Director (Fred Klammt) : Thanks for all your kind words over the past decade (especially my CSUS Green Business students).  I will be transferring a few of the blogs from my previous blog  site You may have noticed there were no postings in the last few months.

This ‘new’ blog will encompass ALL  these topics:

– updating Living Energy Learning Center + WinSol progress,

  • good turns along the path the Joana Macy’s Work that Reconnects (WTR)

– Practical, everyday regenerative + lo-cost projects + demos

– Community microgrids + global progress + utilities’ reactions

– Community development + leading issues in living together.

– Real (positive) Renewable Energy, Sustainability, green chemistry issues

I’d like to get conversations + dialogue started – maybe through a forum or chat room – TBD – stay tuned.  If at any time, I am not keeping with the main theme, or losing my ‘edge’, I would like people to nudge me – social media feedback (yikes! -:)

Initially this blog will be private, but soon it will become public.   I will be using social media to drive traffic here

All of this website + blog  content will be covered by a creative commons copyright – open source sharing, giving credit where credit is due.

With that in mind, I’ll be following Paul Wheaton’s excellent permies business model – except it will be more science and mainstream focused, without the opinionated twists.



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