WTR path for LeLc

I just got back from a weekend workshop with Joanna Macy and the Work That Reconnects (WTR) and it has re-inspired me to focus more. We will be taking the LeLc (Living Energy Learning Center) and this web page more in the direction of WTR and its network.  We have finally found a ‘home’ of like-minded people where our work can bea very small niche within a larger movement – it fits perfectly, as it always does.

Joanna is SO amazing.  Just to be in her presence is a gift, and to talk directly with her is to be in the presence of higher being.  I’ve met very few people in my life so gentle + fierce at the same time, so compassionate and driven, so humble and inspiring.

The next few blogs will be about how the ‘energy infrastructure’ is unraveling, and how there are all kinds of ‘new paths’ that are bringing a sustainable life to our energy futures.

‘Sustainable’ – no more = ‘sustainable life

Joanna stated that the word ‘sustainable’ is really not a good word anymore.  It is a ‘sustainable life’ that we need to start calling it.  These two words together present a more clearer picture of what many of us mean to say.

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