no fly zone

I’ve been touting a ‘no fly zone’ for myself for over a year now. I talk to people about it and many dislike the idea for various reasons. I used to compromise and say – longer trips, bigger + newest planes – as a way to reduce the eco-footprint of flying. But no more. I am back to a total ban: a ‘no fly zone’. This article by Dr. Kalmus convinced me: “ How far can we get without flying?”

There are so many dubious facts in the pop media. The one I had a hard time accepting, and not enough time to recalculate it was that flying coast to coast was better than driving. Bullshit. Dr. Kamus states: ‘Four people in a plane produce 10 to 20 times as much CO2 as those same people driving a 25 to 30mpog car the same distance.” He also states: “climate impact of planes is likely two to three times greater than the impact from CO2 emissions alone… planes emit mono-nitrogen oxides into the upper troposphere…”

But the beauty of Dr. Kalmus article is that he stopped flying for social and personal rewards.

There should be frequent non-flyer miles for people like him. Who wants to start one?

From article in:  YES magazine

by    Dr. Peter Kalmus (NASA, JPL atmospheric scientist)


Another great article in this issue YES magazine… ‘After Oil’ #77, Spring 2016

..asking whether renewable energy can maintain our current lifestyle… is like asking if renewable energy can keep us living unsustainably.”  by Richard Heinberg

“100% Renewable energy – as with anything hard, first we start with the easy stuff”




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