Energy Turnings

I’m an advocate for Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects (WTR)  it also implies that we need to undertake a GREAT TURNING.

Work that reconnects

So I am going to start using the concept ‘making turns’ in the right (or wrong) direction as a pseudonym for ‘good or bad’, right or wrong direction, positive or negative, optimistic or pessimistic, etc.

BTW: WinSol’s LeLc will be hosting and facilitating a WTR introductory workshop in the near future – stay tuned.

Part of living energy is also the energy we use everyday as we make the great turn from dead energy to living energy. Over the last month there have been developments in our current energy markets. Here’s a summary of those energy turnings. You can click on each one to find the details:  under construction… pardon our dust…

turning in the right direction

1. the largest fossil fuel leak ever, has been capped.  

2. The airline industry has agreed to emission standards

turning in the wrong direction

5. oil price continues to slide as suppliers quarrel over market share

6. Iran will start marketing its oil soon and drive prices even lower

7. We’ve built the largest ever freight ship, and LNG ship in the USA


Colorless, odorless (ok, maybe not so much)

Black slime on birds makes way better visuals than unseen gas poisoning our atmosphere. The effect on our atmosphere tho is as catastophic as BP’s oil spill – some scientists have said it is WAY more than that. In review: The Porter Ranch ‘methane’ leak that started in October 2015 (yes ~5 months) has finally been contained – if we’re to believe it’s responsible big business: Southern California Gas Company (SoCal). The media (and general public) were fast asleep at the wheel for over 3 months before the seriousness of this was realized.

The ‘oil’ spill by Santa Barbara was also now deemed as way more serious than first thought. Isn’t it sad how every single fossil fuel spill is downplayed by business and media, and then sadly updated months later (when it’s out of the public’s mind) to have been way worse than reported.  This baby was leaking the equivalent of 4.7 million cars’ emissions per DAY! and it’s been going strong since October 2015.  Some people called it a mini – Chernobyl – but SoCal downplayed that and so did the media.  And that’s just the environmental harm – here’s the personal harm:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, exposure to the chemical mercaptan, which is added to the gas to give it that quintessential (and detectable) sulfurous smell, can cause staggered gait, vomiting, irritation of the respiratory system, wheezing, rapid heart beat, arm and leg rigidity, bluish discoloration of the skin, and irritated eyes and mucous membranes.  Industrial exposures could even put someone in a coma and cause death by a blocked lung artery up to 28 days later.

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