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There will be on-going posts here about Water… the most important element within Living Energies.

The LeLc  (Living Energy Learning Center) will feature demonstrations of Emoto’s water crystals.  Here’s a sneak preview:  Matsua Emoto demonstrated (and others have duplicated his work) that water crystalline structures differ between various sources,  filtration processes: even our ‘thinking/meditative’ processes.

Our body consists of 80% water.  Our thoughts can control the crystalline structure of our bodily fluids. ‘You are what you think’

If water can be changed by the energy (emf’s) of our thoughts, just think what else water could do.  As Joerg Schauberger reiterated:  ‘The secret to the universe is contained in a drop of water’


Water flow forms


… Flowform® was invented by John Wilkes

Every Flowform® product has a unique figure 8 streaming flow, and uses bio-mimicry methods to improve water quality.


The LeLc will include John Wilke’s water flow forms, a simple water funnel in a bottle, trees pumping water without capillary or transpiration action, and of salmon flying uphill through water cavitation,etc… OK, the last one will be kinda hard to demonstrate – as in training salmons would be a lifelong endeavor and maybe require a river 🙂 maybe we’ll just stick with hi-resolution videos.


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