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 This is a copy of a blog I posted on my recent Euro trip…March 6, 2014

The highlight of my euro adventures was an invitation to visit the PKS (Pythagoras Kepler System)  center and an overview from Viktor Schauberger’s grandson, Jörg Schauberger  in Bad Ischl, Austria.

With an email three weeks ago from Jörg confirming that indeed he did have time for me (follow-up from my similar request last year), I made room in my Europe itinerary to spend a day in the heart of the Austrian Alps (Salzkammergut region).  It turned into a 16 hour day, 1/2 on trains and 1/2 with Jörg.   A truly life enriching experience!

——————————————————————————-After years of reading and studying Viktor Schauberger’s work, I was thrilled to arrive at the PKS building that houses his life’s work and serves as a learning institute for interested people from all walks of life.

[For those unfamiliar with Viktor Schauberger’s work, the PKS biography + other information is a good start  {  }  The wikipedia entry is terrible!  For me,  Viktor Schauberger in one of the few natural energy pioneers who was an original thinker, and like Tesla, Kepler, Galileo and others, suffered terribly at the hands of the current establishment of scientists and technocrats.  As one scientist once put it when Viktor demonstrated zero-friction piping: ‘if this were true, we would have to re-write all the textbooks’… and now, who wants to do that – especially these days!

Jörg Schauberger graciously invited me into his home and learning center and proceeded to ask my interests.  He then asked me ‘what happens when water is poured on tea leaves’.  The picture says it all:

Jörg then proceeded to show me the first of many interactive displays spread throughout the PKS center.  They are all very simple and illuminating.

This one consists of sand particles in a cylinder of water whirled by a single shaft with a double bladed propeller.  There’s a ring of blue LED lights on top and an angled mirror at the bottom.  It shows the natural distribution of particles suspended in water and their resonant distribution on the bottom when they settle.  My first WOW

I won’t have time to show each and every display, chart, etc.  But this one is fundamental.  The water vortex, and how fish use it for levitation (more powerful and available than gravity!) was aptly demonstrated by this display:

It is amazing to see the intricacies of this ‘twisted + knotted’ water vortex coming simply from a 1″ input hose – no hidden tricks! – just one of nature’s secrets exposed.  In a later display with a plexiglass egg shaped container, simple air input is shown to do the same thing with a powerful upward vortex stream.  again WOW.

The mechanical and electrical machines such as the water turbine (90% more effective than current hydroelectric turbines), the famed Repulsin, along with various other spiral, cone, hyperbolas, horns, golden ratio examples, etc. were all on display before me.
I truly felt like a child inside a paradise of natural energy wonders.

I had a zillion questions, and several key ones answered:  Rudolph Steiner and Viktor Schauberger never met.  John Wilkes was responsible for the water flow forms that are commonly attributed to either Steiner or Schauberger, and others (many youTube videos are… well, not quite true!)


 Jörg then took me to downtown Bad Ischl for lunch and a most delectable authentic Austrian pastry + coffee shop.

We discussed many aspects of the established energy industry and how one can possibly intercede and bring Viktor’s work (and other’s) to the forefront – especially to young student’s minds.  My own wish is to organized some sort of conference/symposium in Northern California around free energy, Tesla, Schauberger and others, and Jörg indicated that he would be willing to participate.

For now, I will conclude this brief overview.  My head is still spinning (hopefully like a water vortex!) with all the cultural riches here.  I will try to write more on this later.  i hope to incorporate some of my learnings here into the Living Energy Learning Center at WinSol in Northern California.

….as my hectic + hi-paced Europe trip is slowly drawing to a close….


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