changing colors

As plants + trees get ready for winter they provide us with a dazzling show of colors,

I’d like to talk about another change of colors:  our lifestyle of waiting for colors to change.  Let’s face it:  when we’re in a car, we are basically waiting for colors to change.  From red to green (we don’t like it changing from green to red), and from yellow stripes to white stripes or dashed stripes – or best: no stripes.

Who designed this?  I’m sure everyone would rather look at  Nature’s colors than Stoplights – so why do we put up with it?  Why are we Big Brains allowing our behaviors to be dictated by color controls?  What would some outside aliens think of this phenom?

As visual stimuli species, we seem to like colors.  There are businesses and sciences about what our favorite colors say about us, about how to choose the right colors for everything, and  about what colors to avoid.   The eco-world has shades of green (are you a light or dark green eco freak?).  The triple bottom line indicators are based on colors (red: avoid, green: good).


The fengshui of colors suggests one can shift their energy level by merely shifting their colors – internally and/or externally.

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