major biz change

Our RCD  (Regenerate Community Developing) has been folded into a new venture and partnership, please email us for more info.

As of October 1, 2016 I am now an official resident at Lost Valley ecoVillage in Dexter, Oregon.  I will be splitting my time between living + doing community and living energy at WinSol.  We’ll see how these three passions develop.  I owe this all to the Camino.


When I was walking 500- miles on the Camino this year, my mission was to discover how to do business without doing business.

One of the insights I gained was to ‘fight the good fight’, to become a warrior – albeit a peaceful and gentle warrior, and to stay focused doing good work in partnership with others and avoid another solo act.  Joanna Macy calls it a ‘Shambhala’ warrior – click on the WTR menu (up, right).   So i will be re-entering the mainstream (yikes!) and staying true.  I guess I’m tired of preaching to the choir – they already get it – we need to build bridges to the other 90%.

I find this to be my life’s work.  I am more energized, tireless, and driven than ever before – and that’s saying somethin’ !

Stay tuned for exciting things to come…


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