LeLc update + musings…

The LeLc (Living Energy Learning Center) is progressing nicely and a bit ahead of schedule.  I’ve been fortunate to have several helpers lately and WinSol in general is really improving.  We have out marque entrance posts now (pics later?) and as soon as we get a dry spell we’ll be putting up the first layer of roof covering on the geodome.  The ‘space’ inside the 36′ dome is amazing.  I DO remember that from 40+ years ago when I had a small dome in Trinity County.  There’s something magical about spherical spaces as opposed to our normal square rooms.  Like I told an architect friend once ‘nature doesn’t design anything square’ .

I can’t wait

  • to get the grand piano in there and return to my pianist musings
  • to start the experiental lessons – some are assembling already
  • to give the green light for advertising and lecturing about the LeLc
  • build bridges to the mainstream

Stay tuned


I enjoy watching weather on commercial TV.  I never hear about violence, war, etc… the only big downsides are the commercials… But it is ‘observation’ in its purest forms.

The latest weather trend seems to be trying to predict the coming ‘el nino’  with infrared Pacific ocean pic comparisons between 1997 and 2015 – we should be in for one heck of a wet winter – maybe.

Again, June 2015 has been the warmest on record… since 1850 recorded history.  1850!!??  you gotta be kidding me!!  that’s a mere 165 years of record keeping.  Within a climate window of millions of years?  And we are putting all our eggs in this basket of predictions for climate change.  We know nothing.


Last week a friend invited me to attend an all-day conference on Trans-humanism and Singularity in Oakland.  What a waste of my day.  I always like to attend something weird and different each year – and this fit the bill.  Dr. Brian Haney (UCDavis) one of the world’s foremost authorities on transhumanism, had a great presentation.  Turns out the singularity will not be happening by computers getting smarter than us – but by us adapting technology into our biosystem and brain to transcend our ‘humanism’ – so hopefully we will be in control of all this?  Somehow I am skeptical of this view – i still think that something more along the lines of the movie ‘ex-machina’ is awaiting us.


On a BIG note, I am making a life-changing move in a couple months.  I will be a full-time member of an eco-village in Oregon.  I’ve been serving on their Board of Directors for over 6 months now, and I look forward to actually enjoying community living, rather than getting into the nuts + bolts of helping run it.  maybe!?


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