summer Ramblings…

summertime and the livin’ is easy… sounds SO good on the grand in the dome..… as aspirations continue and emptiness resides…ok, glad I got the rambling part over with ūüôā onto more salient items:

Energy outlook

$50/barrel, give or take…

Oil hovers around $50/brl and gasoline prices are about 25c higher than last year. OPEC’s still trying to get non-OPEC (most notably Russia+Iran) to stick with production cuts. It’s a tenuous situation that ONE little spark can ignite and drive prices way up. Inventory and reserves are shrinking and demand is increasing…slowly, ever so slowly. The ‘Catch-22’ is as prices go up, USA shale gas/oil drillers increase their margins. ¬†OPEC is playing a chicken game: so far USA wildcatters are winning. The really COOL thing is that we’ve hit an oil demand peak! ¬†Everyone was betting on an oil supply peak. ¬†With more efficiencies, electric cars, ¬†LEDs, consumers getting smart & driving less (despite the USA fed policies), etc ¬†Stay tuned… it’s bound to change when we least expect it.

Electric cars
As more countries adopt all electric car infrastructure, look for the oil companies to react: either trying to kill the electric car again (especially since the former Exxon CEO is now secretary of state), or to join them and install electric chargers at gas stations ‚Äď kinda like ARCO becoming a solar panel company for a while.

Formula 1 racing has an all electric version: FormulaE¬†¬†…”seven manufacturers have produced new motor, invertor and gearbox solutions, as Formula E inspires development in electric car technology”

They’ve demonstrated a quick way to¬†get recharged: just jump into another full-charged car! Now that would be the ultimate in overcoming limited e-car range… wonder when Tesla will provide that? ¬†I can’t wait for a driveless electric car ‚Äď especially when DMV tries to yank my drivers license when I’m 100 years young.

AI will be good for you…


Just like you survived spreadsheets, you’ll survive artificial intelligence (AI) the singularity, transhumanism, etc.

There were a few million bookkeepers before VisiCal, Lotus and Excel emerged in the 80’s and 90’s. Now those bookkeepers have been replaced by even more auditors. I guess all the macros and complexities of spreadsheets can help some people to get a bit too creative. So, if a bookkeeper wanted to keep their job, they had to up their skills. So too with AI.
Car mechanics are a great example. If a young mechanic isn’t getting proficient in computer hardware and software and even coding, they’ll be bypassed very soon by those who have those skills. Gone will be the need to overhaul an engine, pull a transmission and all those wonderful grease-monkey jobs that I even enjoyed doing for too long. With more cars getting electrical assist drives and eventually everyone adopting an electric car infrastructure (the utilities will be pushing this to a parking lot near you very soon). This’ll help offset some of the lost revenues from solar homes cutting the cord. Don’t think that Eon Musk’s ‘battery house pack’ is so pure and green ‚Äď it’s tied to a major strategy with utilities and contractors.

Just remember you were in on the ground floor. ¬†Prove that you’re human, and not an android. ¬†It all started with these ‘captcha’ eye tests…


Bonus: ¬†Think Fake News was one of the first disrupters to our comfy zone? ¬†Now there’s Fake voice algorithms that can make anyone say anything… just listen to Donald fake talking... yikes! (from Lyrebird)

But when ‘anonymous anarchists’ hack and hold my AI driveless electric car for ransom until I pay bitcoin… then I’ll wish I was in my 1960 Chevy!¬†