Boreal fires ++

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good great turnings

In italy there was a little court decision that has set a new precedent that maybe others will follow: excusing a hungry, homeless person from stealing food.

neutral: Scottish land laws are in the news… did you know that 16% of Scottish people own 10% of all the land in Scotland?

unravelings continue

Part of the great unraveling (WTR): The fire up in Alberta Canada is devestating the people of Ft. Murray with over 1600 homes destroyed, 88,000 people evacuated and horrific videos of cars driving through an inferno. The fire is in the middle of the infamous tar sands in Alberta.

On Monday, the blaze continued to burn uncontrolled, now covering 285,000 hectares (704,000 acres), officials said. By Monday evening it was moving 30 to 40 meters (98 to 131 feet) every minute and had jumped a critical firebreak north of the city to push into the oil sand camp areas.

The devastating fire in Ft. McMurray in Alberta last week bought home the future devastation of forest fires. Is it just a coincidence that this also happens to be the site of the world’s largest, dirtiest most ridiculous fossil fuel extraction? – TAR SANDS

Boreal fires. (northern) forests are 1/3 of the world’s forest – they are not as sexy or cool as tropical forest – so they don’t get a lot of attention.

I find it ironic and ominous that ‘nature’ has struck the epicenter of our human race’s most outrageous and environmentally destructive fossil fuel production areas. When will we wake up? Is this the start of Gaia unleashing its fury in a more obvious way – or will just shrug afterwards and blame it on El Nino?

but this is a whole different scenario. Alaska had it’s worse fire season last year. Russia exploded in 2012.

And the worse is yet to come!

These fires will also have many, many secondary effects. They will undobutedly warm the air around it and accelerate the melting of closeby ice sheets. There will also be some good news here, since ‘black is the new green’ and provide renewal and habitat for all kinds of species and wildlife.

In addition, winds are sometimes carrying soot from the northern fires onto the immense sheet of ice covering Greenland, darkening the surface and causing it to absorb more of the sun’s heat. In 2012, such soot contributed to melting the surface of virtually the entire Greenland ice sheet, the first time that had happened since 1889.

But the real big one is the long term, cumulative effect of losing all those green trees… they are absorbing CO2 as they stay green. When they burn, they release all that CO2 and can no longer absorb CO2. So this is another (albeit BIG one) great unraveling from Gaia that is edging us closer to positive spin: catastrophe!

ship drones!

Another news flash is the launch by the US Navy of the first drone ship. Can you image the ctombined terror of water borne & airborne drones? Personally, I’m reaching out to find out which activists (greenpeace?) will be on the front lines to blockade this unmanned ships of terror that will police 75% of Gaia’s surface (oceans) and bring untold violence from the seas.