Shower water – wow!

This is an excerpt from a friend and Schauberger activist who focuses on water.   I find it truly amazing that we are not made more aware of the impact of chlorine + flouride ++ chemicals on our open pores while we are innocently taking a shower.  Thanks so much, Nevin.

I can hardly imagine what similar effects on our bodies are done in over chlorinated swimming pools and hot tubs!


Clean shower water is much more important than you may think.  Each day a person drinks about 1-2 gallons of water… but exposes one’s self to 25 gallons of water when showering.  The American Journal of Public Health determined that up to two-thirds of harmful chlorine exposure can be due to skin absorption and inhalation while showering.  The Journal also links chlorine to “significant increases in certain types of cancer, asthma and skin irritations…” and stated that “up to two-thirds of the harmful exposure was due to skin absorption and inhalation of chlorine in shower water”. The steam inhaled during a shower can contain up to 20 times the concentration of chlorine (and other synthetic chemicals) as tap water.  One can absorb as many toxins in 1 shower as you would drinking tap water for an entire week.  Studies show that after a 10-minute shower in chlorinated water, your blood levels of THMs (common disinfection byproduct – DBP) can potentially increase by as much as  700%.

How can your exposure to chlorine and its associated DBPs be higher when you shower.  Why doesn’t the chlorinated water just bounce off your body?

Simply a hot shower causes the pores of your skin to open, which in turn elevates the absorption rate of chlorine and other chemicals directly into your system and causes the body to directly absorb foreign chemicals into your body tissues and bloodstream.  Not to mention the fact that chlorine strips the natural protective oils from skin, causing excessive drying.    Different from drinking unpurfied water where your digestive system has the ability to filter out some of the harmful contaminants, in the shower, these contaminates are directly absorbed into the bloodstream..

Absorbing and inhaling chlorine and associated DBPs are not healthy for you or your family. Long-term health risks certainly can spike due to chlorine effects on your bodily functions.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – When chlorine vaporizes in steam in your shower, it converts to chloroform gas. Chloroform can be a strong respiratory irritant and cause fatigue.
The bottom line – When absorbed or inhaled into your body, chlorine DBPs can potentially cause a weakening of your immune system… disruptions to your central nervous system… damaging effects to your cardio system… unhealthy functioning of your renal system… and harmful impacts to your respiratory system.

Shower filtration is one of the best and easiest ways to reduce our harmful exposure to chlorine and other tap water contaminants.  The bottom line is is your not already filtering your shower water, you should be.  Its very important to one’s health to have a high quality filter and to be changing the cartridges on a regular basis.

After trying many different filters I have decited to offer two different systems.

First the Aquasana, by far the very best basic filter available.  A two-stage shower filter that uses a combination oShowerFilterf copper-zinc oxidation media and coconut shell carbon to reduce 91% of the chlorine in your water, and also reduces synthetic chemicals and enhances pH balance. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the health and cosmetic benefits of showering in clean water,  significant reduction of exposure to toxic chemicals while benefiting from softer skin and healthier hair.   The Aquasana filter cartridges last 6 months or 10,000 gallons, this filter allows you to shower in the healthiest water for the best value.

shower_filters_1.jpgSecond is a shower filter with the ability to remove Fluoride.  this filter utilizes a aluminum resin to remove Fluoride, Arsenic, Heavy Metals and Chlorine.  Fluoridation has become common place in most city municipal water treatment.


For those who wish to go beyond just filtering their shower water to enhancing their  Shower water.  This filter first filter contaminates from your shower water, than enhances the water with rare volcanic minerals, far-infared ceramic beads and magnetic rings.  These enhancement medias soften and ionize your water and infuse your water with anti-bacterial qualities that help lessen the effects of atopic dermatitis.


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WTR path for LeLc

I just got back from a weekend workshop with Joanna Macy and the Work That Reconnects (WTR) and it has re-inspired me to focus more. We will be taking the LeLc (Living Energy Learning Center) and this web page more in the direction of WTR and its network.  We have finally found a ‘home’ of like-minded people where our work can bea very small niche within a larger movement – it fits perfectly, as it always does.

Joanna is SO amazing.  Just to be in her presence is a gift, and to talk directly with her is to be in the presence of higher being.  I’ve met very few people in my life so gentle + fierce at the same time, so compassionate and driven, so humble and inspiring.

The next few blogs will be about how the ‘energy infrastructure’ is unraveling, and how there are all kinds of ‘new paths’ that are bringing a sustainable life to our energy futures.

‘Sustainable’ – no more = ‘sustainable life

Joanna stated that the word ‘sustainable’ is really not a good word anymore.  It is a ‘sustainable life’ that we need to start calling it.  These two words together present a more clearer picture of what many of us mean to say.

no fly zone

I’ve been touting a ‘no fly zone’ for myself for over a year now. I talk to people about it and many dislike the idea for various reasons. I used to compromise and say – longer trips, bigger + newest planes – as a way to reduce the eco-footprint of flying. But no more. I am back to a total ban: a ‘no fly zone’. This article by Dr. Kalmus convinced me: “ How far can we get without flying?”

There are so many dubious facts in the pop media. The one I had a hard time accepting, and not enough time to recalculate it was that flying coast to coast was better than driving. Bullshit. Dr. Kamus states: ‘Four people in a plane produce 10 to 20 times as much CO2 as those same people driving a 25 to 30mpog car the same distance.” He also states: “climate impact of planes is likely two to three times greater than the impact from CO2 emissions alone… planes emit mono-nitrogen oxides into the upper troposphere…”

But the beauty of Dr. Kalmus article is that he stopped flying for social and personal rewards.

There should be frequent non-flyer miles for people like him. Who wants to start one?

From article in:  YES magazine

by    Dr. Peter Kalmus (NASA, JPL atmospheric scientist)


Another great article in this issue YES magazine… ‘After Oil’ #77, Spring 2016

..asking whether renewable energy can maintain our current lifestyle… is like asking if renewable energy can keep us living unsustainably.”  by Richard Heinberg

“100% Renewable energy – as with anything hard, first we start with the easy stuff”