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Welcome to  WinSol’s   Living Energy Learning Center (LeLc).

We  are a collection of radical teachers breaking the mold and bringing original thinking + learnings to the mainstream.

Call it hack learning.

We focus on experiential learning practical applications in everyday living.  We strive to bring forth Victor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla and others’ insights + genius to everyday people for everyday solutions for free (or very low cost).  We will provide free podcasts, videos, how-to, strategies, stories, experts, books… to help bring  ‘it’ on.

All we ask is that you respect our creative commons license (below).

 LeLc’s  mission is to help unleash the hidden potential of dynamic, living energies in an experiential way. 

Starting in Spring 2016, we will be offering our first workshops… stay tuned.


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Included in this web site is a blog by our Operations Director (Fred Klammt).    He will post current issues that are beyond the standard ‘eco-blog’ (his previous blog can be found at:    http://fredecoblog.blogspot.com/  ) that filled my life for the past 10+ years. You may have noticed there was no posting in the last few months.

This blog will cover these topics:

– updating Living Energy Learning Center + WinSol progress,


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Based on a work at www.winsol.org.

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