WinSol  learning  center provides  experiental  lessons in  natural and  simple,  biodynamic living with modern comforts.

WinSol3 (third iteration of the house) in JanuaryFred has lived without utility bills for the past thirty years in this forest sanctuary. Starting in May, he will share his secrets for living off nature’s bounty with mainstream “comforts”.

Clear your mind of all preconceptions and attend a weekend workshop to learn how you too can realize your dream of  living off the land (or just being a bit more green). Located 5 miles off hwy 88 in the Sierra Mountains, the site offers quiet hikes by the creek, backpacking in the High Sierras, and skiing at Kirkwood.

If you’d like to learn details behind the numerous biodynamic features and lo-cost, sustainable natural building projects;  sign up for an experiential lesson (click on ‘…..’ tab above.