WinSol’s  Learning  Center  provides  experiential  lessons   in  living  energies.


Quip for the day: Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past.”

We demonstrate applying passive, living energies for dynamic living applications.  We have on-site experiential learning stations depicting numerous practical applications for everyday living  (go to ‘learn’ tab and ‘solutions’ for specific examples).

Clear your preconceptions, reconnect in our forest sanctuary;   AND  rediscover ancient living energies.  Attend a day-long, or weekend workshop = please see ‘contact’ tab.


Located 5 miles off Hwy 88, WinSol offers quiet hikes in the forest, by the creek, or hiking & backpacking in the close-by Carson Range and Kirkwood resort of the hi-Sierra.

WinSol3 (third iteration of the house) in January 2017