WinSol’s  Learning  Center  provides  experiential  lessons   in  living  energies.


Quip for the day: Hold yourself as a mother holds her beloved child.”  (Buddha on self-compassion)

WinSol demonstrates applying passive, living energies for dynamic living applications.  We have on-site experiential learning stations depicting numerous practical applications for everyday living  (go to ‘learn’ tab and ‘solutions’ for specific examples).

Clear your preconceptions and reconnect in our forest sanctuary.  Rediscover ancient living energies.  Attend a day-long, or weekend workshop = please see ‘contact’ tab.  We are open from April to October.


Located 5 miles off Hwy 88, WinSol offers quiet hikes in the forest, by the creek, or hiking & backpacking in the close-by Carson Range and Kirkwood resort of the hi-Sierra.

WinSol3 (third iteration of the house) in January 2017